BlockV AR Showcase

I was the lead UX Designer and worked alongside a team of creatives to help concept and design Augmented Reality experiences utilizing the vatomic app for BlockV's new business ventures.

Project Overview

We partnered with BlockV to create a series of campaign concepts that showcase the engagement power of AR and Blockchain technology when paired with brand products. Digital smart objects (vAtoms) are used to represent digital and physical products and how brands can reinvent how they communicate and interact with consumers.







AR / 3D Design


Paula Moniz, Senior Strategist,

Ben Cannon, Creative Director

The Hershey Company In-house creative team

What is a vAtom??

Think of a “virtual atom.” It's a digital object of value with all the characteristics of a real-life object that can be traded, collected, or purchased from others. Essentially, a non-currency cryptocurrency, that's built upon the same platform as Ethereum.

A New Era of Product and Brand Interaction

1- Find vAtom

Discover a vAtom through digital and physical marketing channels

2- Acquire vAtom

Claim a vAtom by. clicking a link or scanning it with your phone camera, and then registering it.

3- Engage with vAtom

Download the vatomic app to interact with or unlock features.

4- Stay Connected

Stay connected via vAtom to get more info, offers, features, etc.

Section Overview

User Flow

Physical Collectible

Digital Collectible

Overall Results

User Flow

Physical Collectible

An example of how brands can supplement the experience of purchasing and owning a high-value physical product or service by driving long-term engagement with customers.

1. Find & Acquire

In-Store Purchase

Each new product contains a scannable certificate of authenticity. Users can claim vatom to view product details, warranty information, and chat directly with customer service.

Additional Ways to Acquire

Email link after online purchase or pre-order
Trade or exchange in marketplace
Limited release announcements

2. Engage

Users can view all their designer collections, share personal closets and see publicly shared closets nearby.

Exclusive Content

View designer's notes, sketches, and product inspiration.
Access BTS info, sneak peeks to new products and more
Unlock exclusive access to new products and special events based on closet items.

3. Partnership

Fashion Week Swag Bag

Fashion event attendees can receive luxurious digital swag bags with branded gifts sponsored by advertisers or partners. Items can be redeemed or sent to friends to increase brand reach.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Custom vAtoms tied to consumer spending or engagement.
Content sponsorship or co-promotion
Digital Collectible

Deepen relationships between brands and fan bases through gamification, content engagement, and product discounts.

1. Find & Acquire

Social Post

Discover vAtoms via trending #HashTag’s or player’s posts on social media announcing dropped collectibles during pre-season.

Other Ways to Acquire

Streaming video or commercial
Shared or traded from a friend
Audio Recognition
Banner Ads, Email

2. Engage

Each player's digital object includes unique content, ranging from their workout playlist to stats on performance. Content changes based on events, timing, or collecting more player vAtoms.

Other Content

Interviews and podcasts
BTS, pre-season and team content
Chat room for users who have player’s vAtom

3. Advertising Opportunity

Real-Time Instant Win

A player’s live performance can lead to instant wins for vatom holders. Brands can partner to offer point-related promotions or freebies.

Other Advertising Opportunities

Custom digital objects tied to campaign experience
Content sponsorship or co-promotion digital objects
Overall Results

Our team overdelivered on the original ask because we genuinely had a wonderful time concepting potential AR branded partnership examples. Ultimately delivering a fully stacked sales deck with examples for ticketing concerts, conferences, scavenger hunts, digital and physical collectibles and more.

The final result allowed BlockV to secure brand deals with: Cannes Lions, Doritos, the NBA, Ben & Jerrys, Tide and more.