Hi again, I'm Andrea —

I design solutions for problems that have yet to be discovered.

I go deep into the weeds to understand a problem at its core. I design, prototype, and test out creative solutions that not only enhance the user experience but exceed business goals.

I spent the first few years of my career on the agency side, working on experiential design campaigns, new tech, and AR brands before transitioning in-house. Today, I'm a Senior Product Designer at PenFed, currently helping build out and maintain a design system that enables better, more efficient collaboration between designers, content authors, engineers, and QA.

I'm an avid walker and credit my creative sanity to fresh air and a clear perspective. Outside of design, you can find me at my local hot yoga or pilates studio, wandering the city, or cruising on my favorite Arbor sustainable skateboard. (Probably.. most likely, falling down some baby hill. I'm still getting used to San Francisco's terrain.)

This past year I've fallen in love with breathwork and energy healing. I'm excited to see how this new practice will unfold throughout my work and daily activities.

If you'd like to connect, please feel free to say hi.