Andrea, Drea, Dre —

I go deep into the weeds to dissect the entire landscape at its core and design solutions for problems that have yet to be discovered.

"The only way to genuinely deliver value with design is by critically analyzing a problem space, decoding what creates the problems, and solving them with elegance and efficiency." - Juan Ramirez

I spent my first few years on the agency side, working on experiential campaigns, new tech, and with AR brands before transitioning in-house. Today, I'm a Senior Product Designer at PenFed, leading home page and auto product redesigns and helping manage a new design system. Over the past few months, I've created baseline product templates with new streamlined components that have enhanced efficiency and enabled better collaboration between designers, engineers, content authors, and QA.

I'm big on meditation and credit my daily creative sanity to time blocking in mini fresh air "Drea-walks" throughout the day. I even purchased a walking pad due to these California showers. Outside of design, you can find me at my local hot yoga or pilates studio, wandering the city, or planning my next travel excursion. Lisbon, Croatia and Valencia are next up!

If you'd like to connect, discuss work, or share any travel tips, let's chat.