Hyundai Capital of America wanted to celebrate a big year while also spreading some holiday cheer and asked us to create something simple yet personalized for each of their customers and employees to interact with.
Thus, was born the Cheer-O-Meter.
An interactive microsite that allows users to toggle between different levels of Holiday cheer.

In order to create a sense of personalization, we gave users full control of the site's animation and allowed them to control the amount of lights that sparkled and lit up the page.

As a takeaway for our extra spirited users, we provided a download wallpaper for desktop and mobile.

Email Invitation
Consumers and employees were navigated to the site via email and encouraged to make their holidays shine bright by interacting with the Cheer-O-Meter.


My team knew how much I like to dabble with coded animation and put me up to the challenge of creating this microsite. With a ton of coffee, tutorials and oversight from my dev, I created this microsite and handed it off to our developer to animate each lightbulb through CSS... way beyond my level. It was a fun challenge and allowed me to flex some of my code skills.